Mallavray’s Magnificent Manual of Magical Marvels

mallavray_a4_digitalversion-page001A compendium of magical treasures!

In this book the arch-wizard Mallavray indexes 50 of his favourite magical items, artifacts, and even a couple spells that any wise adventurer would do well to keep their eye out for!  Far from a book full of boring flaming swords, this manual has selected to present many exotic and unorthodox treasures enchanted by the most unusual sources!

  • 50 Painstakingly analyzed magical items with not only rich and flavourful descriptions and histories but also divinely inspired technical balance.
  • 16 amusing illustrations of some of the best treasures to tantalize those adventurers brave enough to seek them out.
  • Written foreward and asides from Mallavray himself.

Suitable for any Pathfinder scenario or campaign, these items can add enormous flavour tactical options as well as many opportunities to come up with side adventures involving these items.


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